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Our old systems are failing us. Whilst the systems of government back in the 60's were efficient enough to get us to where we are, they no longer serve us and, due to the Law of Equilibrium, have become the very causes of the problems they originally set our to manage.

We have not yet learned how to live with each other.

The intelligence of a species can be gauged by how easy it's members make life for each other.

In this regard, it appears that we have a LONG way to go and are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

Our biosphere is in imminent danger of collapse, along with our economic and sociological systems. But the collapse will not just "happen" - it is an ongoing process, the only real result being an ever-decreasing quality of life for all concerned.

How bad will things have to get before we collectively do something about it ?

We can start NOW - by gathering up everyone who is willing to contribute their talents and abilities to this single cause:


If we can work out how to make a group of people TRULY self-sufficient, living together in harmony and contributing to the planet and its biosphere, that template could be used all over the world.

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