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1. Are you concerned about the current state of Australia ?

2. Do you believe you have something to offer our country ?

3. Are you interested in helping tackle humankind's most difficult challenge ?

If the answer is YES to all of the above then, my friend,

Your moment has arrived.For the most difficult problem we face is constructing a model for a functioning, permanent civilization with the highest possible standard of living for all its members.

This problem has plaqued humankind since its inception - and from the beginning of time, till now - has never been solved.

If a solution to this problem could be found, it would, by definition, solve ALL other problems.

The simple fact is that we have not yet been able to construct a model for a working civilization that is not inherently self-defeating. Proof of this is in the fact that it is not with us today.

The entire list of difficulties we face would take years to even list, but they are ALL symptomatic of one prime ailment - that is, our current system of Planetary Law is not working in favor of ALL, but mainly for the relative few who have appropriated the greater portion of the worlds wealth.

This phenomenon, known as income stratification - has been the downfall of all previous attempts at creating the kind of world we all know is possible, yet we have only ever been able to dream about.

We are here to work out how we can all live together in peace and harmony.

"The secret to success is finding out where everyone is going - and getting there first" - Mark Twain


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